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2K is a partner-run consulting company based in Germany and the UK. 2K has long standing partnerships with several BI software vendors and is vendor-independent. Since our company was founded in 2004 we have worked for a wide range of businesses, from well-known international companies to public sector organisations. We believe that transparency through up-to-date and relevant data is crucial for good decision-making and therefore for a business’ success.

We specialise in flexible planning and reporting solutions as well as analysis tools for various functions across an organisation (with a focus on finance and procurement) that help achieve this transparency. These help to minimise (error-prone) manual processes through automatisation while at the same time ensuring data quality, coherent processes and layouts.

2K carries out the conceptual development as well as the technical implementation of a business intelligence system. We can also manage and support software selection processes.

Solutions description

Purchase plans and supplier capacity are increasingly important, especially for companies restricting warehouse capacity to keep capital tie-up at a minimum.

Production plans undergo frequent changes resulting from short-term delays upon acceptance by the customer, but also from changes of the production flow or the supply of materials. By combining various data sources to form one source of truth in Jedox, you ensure that your company always works with current and correct data.

Early detection of surpluses or deficits enables purchasing agents to secure their demand and avoid risky and expensive ad-hoc reactions.

Jedox is easy to use. This allows you to implement your requirements and demands in the best possible way, irrespective of whether you employ 5 or 50.000 people. The key to this is consistent and intuitive use of Microsoft Office interfaces, combined with Jedox Web and the mobile version, on your tablet or smartphone. Jedox makes decisions in your company more transparent and efficient.

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This solution was created by our partner 2K Business Intelligence Solutions powered by Jedox.



Jedox perfectly complements our procurement strategy. Today, global purchasing planning and consolidation are fast, efficient and seamlessly coordinated.

Oliver Lawrenz, ABB Group, Vice President Supply Chain Management, System Solutions

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