NG Business Value has developed a new solution focused on public financing, enabling efficient planning of local council development, by aligning finances, and by giving streamlined structures to progress indicators and growth programs at the council level.

With Jedox, you will be able to financially align your entire organization. Because of its Excel-based interface, intuitive Web platform and ETL integration, it’s easy to use, accessible and versatile, providing you with a variety of visualizations options, making analysis simple. Generate reports with a single click, and visualize reports and budgets annually, biannually, quarterly, monthly.

Jedox is easy and flexible to use and implement. It caters to business users, enabling organizations to optimize their solution and resources to drive value-creation. Jedox integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Excel, and can be used from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Jedox enables councils to meet the needs of its people, allowing intelligent public spending and promoting transparency.

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This solution was created by our partner NG Business Value powered by Jedox.



It has been the right decision to switch over to Jedox for our planning and reporting. Controlling finally has enough time for creative data analysis that really pushes the enterprise ahead.

Jörg Stollberg, Financial Controlling, EVH

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