Company description

LeanBI is a company operating in the field of data analysis with focus on Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Industry 4.0. LeanBI offers both services as well as necessary infrastructure in these areas for fast and agile implementation of data-driven projects. LeanBI’s unique mix of data scientists, engineers and IT specialists enables expert advice and implementation for industries. LeanBI follows the philosophy of starting with small projects and then growing with future success. It makes Big Data and Industry 4.0 viable and attractive for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Solutions description

LeanBI takes full advantage of the new Jedox models to offer a complete financial solution for Swiss companies. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows: all the reports you need to manage financial aspects of your company. As Jedox gold partner located in the heart of Switzerland, we ensure all the reports to be fully compliant with the Swiss regulations. The provided solution is hence ready-to-use and doesn’t require any adaptation, with the goal to offer a cost-effective solution to SME. Our software imports data from various files and relational databases. The complete solution can be deployed on site or in our secure LeanBI cloud. While the first one directly integrates in your IT infrastructure, the second one brings you 100% flexibility. With LeanBI SwissFinance, planning and budgeting has never been so easy and cost effective.

Benefits of the partner solution powered by Jedox

  • Specially designed for Swiss SME
  • Ready-to-use, no adaptation required
  • Cost effective solution
  • Planning and budgeting has never been so easy
  • Provided by your Swiss Jedox specialist: LeanBI – always there to help

Key features

  • P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows: all you need for your accountancy
  • 100% compliant with Swiss regulations
  • All the Jedox advantages packed in our solution
  • Centralized data source
  • All reports with the same smooth design

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Additional information

Department Finance
Industry All
Region DACH

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This solution was created by our partner LeanBI powered by Jedox.



With Jedox, we can now create customized, intuitive analysis for our various departments, committees and partner companies. It’s now a very flexible process and a great asset to our organisation.

Maren Seifert, Project Management Open Waters and Management, Lloyd Fonds Singapore

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