Company description

LeanBI is a company operating in the field of data analysis with focus on Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Industry 4.0. LeanBI offers both services as well as necessary infrastructure in these areas for fast and agile implementation of data-driven projects. LeanBI’s unique mix of data scientists, engineers and IT specialists enables expert advice and implementation for industries. LeanBI follows the philosophy of starting with small projects and then growing with future success. It makes Big Data and Industry 4.0 viable and attractive for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Solutions description

LeanBI brings the Industry 4.0 potential simply to your doorstep and further. With our complete LeanPredict solution, you grasp all aspects of Data Analytics, from a complete Data Science approach to powerful self-service Business Intelligence with Jedox. Our solution can be deployed on site or in our secure LeanBI cloud. While the first one directly integrates in your IT infrastructure, the second one brings you 100% flexibility. Our data architecture is ready for Business Intelligence and Big Data and only awaits your data to discover new digital business opportunities in the process industry and predictive analytics. We use a complete Data Science platform to build analytical models and make predictions. Jedox leverages these predictions to perform intelligent planning and publish useful reports.

Benefits of the partner solution powered by Jedox

  • Forecasting and predictive maintenance
  • Quality improvement of your products, cost reduction, and process optimization
  • Real time monitoring and dashboarding
  • Machine benchmarking for operational optimization
  • Optimization of your measurement techniques using soft or virtual sensors

Key features

  • Advanced visualization techniques to detect complex trends in data
  • Easy and powerful Data Science platform
  • Self-service and flexible Business Intelligenceon Jedox technology
  • For small and Big Data
  • Service model

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Thanks to Jedox, our daily work is much more efficient and enjoyable as well.

Martin Schäfli, Head of Management Accounting, Repower AG

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