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Lupus alpha Business Solutions GmbH (LABS) was founded in 2009 as fully-owned subsidiary of Lupus alpha Asset Management. As a specialized IT-provider for the financial industry we focus on the development of solutions for asset managers, investment companies, custodians, insurance companies, portfolio managers and family offices. As an established software and services provider we consider flexibility and speed as our strengths. This allows us to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions and requirements. We create practical, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Solutions description

The data visualized in labs.FundCockpit, a solution by LABS based on the Jedox Suite, is provided via the data warehouse labs.DWH. Depending on the amount of delivery systems, a consolidation and normalization within labs.DWH is carried out. The consolidated data base, previously enriched with market data, is then visualized in labs.FundCockpit.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

  • Timely provision of data
  • Online data access for investors
  • Reduction of manual efforts
  • Increased comparability due to process automation

Key features of the partner solution powered by Jedox

  • Transaction and stock data on a daily basis
  • Performance figures
  • Cost transparency
  • Detailed asset allocation

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Additional information

Department Finance
IT & Administration
Industry Asset Manager
Banking & Finance
Financial Services
Region DACH

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This solution was created by our partner Lupus alpha Business Solutions GmbH powered by Jedox.



With Jedox, we can now create customized, intuitive analysis for our various departments, committees and partner companies. It’s now a very flexible process and a great asset to our organisation.

Maren Seifert, Project Management Open Waters and Management, Lloyd Fonds Singapore

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