About Micropole

Micropole is a consulting and engineering company, with bases in Europe and Asia, specializing in the creation of added-value. Micropole partners its customers in the Performance Management, Digital Transformation and Data Governance fields.

Founded in 1987 by its current directors, Christian Poyau and Thierry Létoffé, Micropole has advised, trained and partnered its clients for over 25 years, in their development and in the successful achievement of their projects.

With locations in France, Benelux, Switzerland and China (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong) the group has a headcount of over 1100, serving almost 800 clients of which 80% are listed on the CAC 40.

A privileged partner of major international software vendors, our ambition is to boost the distinctiveness of your corporation through efficient business solutions and innovative cutting-edge technologies.

Solutions description

We have chosen Jedox to create an app to help our customers to maintain their financial profitability. From cost centers and accounting standards, historical data extracted from the ERP or the link between planner profile and cost center, we offer a SaaS solution, available in 3 weeks, to plan your fixed expenses.

You will be able to enter forecasted data (3 customizable forecasts and a budget) and manage them with a workflow, and then compare these forecasts with actual data.

The dynamic data visualization used for the implementation of the app will help you to get a better view of your digital data.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

  • Plan costs
  • Anticipate
  • Strengthen information from different departments
  • Control costs
  • Shared data
  • Data oneness
  • Comparison of actual and forecasting data
  • Visual alerts
  • Controlling
  • Reducing delays
  • Better communication between controllers and planner profiles



Key features of the partner solution

  • Several scenarios : 3 customizable forecasts and a budget – with storage
  • Customized menu
  • Access via workflow to the cost centers managed by Controlling
  • Initialized forecasts with rules
  • Data entry from the aggregated level down to the individual cells
  • Landing and monthly closure
  • Budgeting analysis via reports

Other :

  • Available in 3 weeks
  • Packaged offer
  • SaaS mode

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Additional information

Department Finance
Industry All
Region EMEA

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This solution was created by our partner Micropole powered by Jedox.



With Jedox we can create our forecast in just 24 hours.

Karl Nixon, Chief Financial Officer, BSA Limited

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