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French Jedox Partner PerfectSight designs and implements Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions. Our proven teams combine business and technical expertise to quickly deliver pre-packaged solutions and customize them for your specific requirements. We can provide you with a broad range of integrated solution, to effectively meet your business needs, regardless your sector: Financial planning – Financial budgeting – Scenario simulation – Sensitivity analysis – Workforce planning – Retail store performance management. PerfectSight is a company of the IENA Group.

Solutions description

FinanceSight is a powerful financial planning, budgeting and forecasting solution built on Jedox technology. You will effectively build your sales forecast and financial plans, streamline your data collection process, manage your performance by constantly comparing your results with your objectives. Your will consolidate and analyze in a secured user-friendly environment both your planning data and the actual data sourced from your accounting and ERP systems. FinanceSight will allow you to quickly deploy an integrated solution which addresses the full scope of your financial planning needs: sales forecast, cost budget, investment plan, P&L, WCR, cash-flow and balance sheet projections. FinanceSight addresses both short-term budgeting and mid-term multi-year planning. Smart dashboards, charts and reports will provide you with a 360° insight on your business and its evolution, view from the perspective of your different stakes-holders: management, shareholders, banks, customer, suppliers, employees,…

Benefits of FinanceSight powered by Jedox

  • Accelerate, streamline and automatize your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Ensure the reliability, accuracy and consistency of your data and forecasts
  • Manage actively your operational performance by constantly monitoring the execution of your plans, to react more quickly and optimize your resources
  • Quickly deploy your system thanks to our pre-packaged modules; focus on your business challenges and on user adoption to successfully deploy your project

Key features

  • A suite of integrated pre-packaged modules: sales forecast, P&L projection, Investment planning, cash-flow analysis, multi-year business plan
  • Automatic consolidation, business rules, exchange rate conversion
  • Data collection workflow, archive management, data initialization, data load management, referential management
  • Scenario simulation, trend projections, automatic estimates, predictive models
  • Smart dynamic dashboards, analytical cockpit, variance analysi

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Additional information

Department Finance
Industry All
Region EMEA

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This solution was created by our partner PerfectSight powered by Jedox.



Thanks to the real-time consolidations in Jedox, our planning is always up to date and much faster than before.

Horst Schlereth, Head of Controlling, SSP - The Food Travel Experts

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