About Celcus

Celcus has been a Jedox Partner since 2010. Over the years Celcus has helped design, build and maintain Jedox applications for intelligence and steering at multinationals like Canon, Royal DSM, Royal BAM Group, Royal VolkerWessels, Allianz Group, Sanofi but also municipalities, universities and hospitals. Celcus offers all Jedox Certified Training to secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of BI and performance management. We lecture at the business informatics faculty of Utrecht University and enable & supervise master thesis research.

Solutions description

Celcus Sales Planning enables internationally operating manufacturers to make a forecast for all sales based on scenario’s for all products, all customers, all account managers, all subsidiaries, all countries and for all prices and currencies. The base case scenario is built from the ground up and contains a ‘down-swing’ and ‘up-swing’. Each forecast needs to be submitted to a higher management levels for approval. The solution aggregates all input and shows a consolidated picture for the finance and production department. The solution offers the finance department the ability to distinguish between ‘intercompany sales’, ‘third party sales’, ‘trade sales’, ‘production sales’, etcetera. The solution is multi-currency and provides a calculated estimated total revenue based on all units sold.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

Jedox has provided the architecture to build this global web solution. The historic data and actuals are extracted form SAP R/3 and SAP BW. The application offers sales the ability to create their scenario’s based on this data and manually manipulate it. E.g. sales can change unit sold, pricing, add customers and so forth to create a forecast for their territory or span of control. The workflow has been tailor-made to fit the exact specification of this company. Jedox rulesengine has been applied.

Key features of the partner solution

  • Very flexible environment to create a bottum-up sales planning
  • Global accessibility, role based security and workflow
  • Monitoring actuals vs. forecasts
  • Efficient planning of production
  • Auditablity and reliability

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Additional information

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This solution was created by our partner Celcus powered by Jedox.