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Celcus has been a Jedox partner since 2010. Over the years Celcus has helped design, build and maintain Jedox applications for intelligence and steering at multinational organizations like Canon, Royal DSM, Royal BAM Group, Royal VolkerWessels, Allianz Group, Sanofi but also municipalities, universities and hospitals. Celcus offers Jedox Certified Training to secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of BI and performance management. We lecture at the business informatics faculty of Utrecht University and enable & supervise master thesis research.

Solutions description

Celcus Disclosure Management base on Jedox technology provides a secure, collaborative, enterprise reporting and process automation solution to merge enterprise data with manually entered data and text in a controlled way including workflow. For any P&C product, e.g. annual report, a single dynamic reporting environment is created by user groups working independently from each other. User groups can directly derive data from within enterprise data sources and/or input it manually: text, graphs, tables & numbers. With the help of proper controls and workflow approvals the whole document can automatically be generated for publishing to Word/pfd, a website and an app. With the push of a button.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

Being responsible for important internal and external reports like an annual report or investor report currently comes with great time pressure and stress. Delivering the right content by multiple users in a secure and controlled way with copy-paste work in Word and Excel and different document versions is error prone, laborious, not auditable, complex and requires high maintenance. Over and over again. With Celcus Disclosure management this whole process can be automated in a multi-user environment that is secure and leaves no room for error due to approval workflow and direct connection to validated sources.

Key features of the partner solution powered by Jedox

  • helps to make all kind of P&C documents that require input from different groups/people
  • user groups can work in sections of the document based on check-in/ check-out principle and manually upload text, graphs, tables, pictures..
  • user groups can directly upload (reviewed) text, graphs, tables, pictures from the central Jedox database which, in turn, can connect to any source system
  • user groups can submit content through workflow for approval
  • all input can then be published to Word, a website or an app. Fully automatic with one button

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This solution was created by our partner Celcus powered by Jedox.



We are doing the same and more in less time, less mistakes, less dependencies, more control… it is just so much more consistent.

Korstiaan Rietveld, financial director, BAM Woningbouw

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