About Celcus

Celcus has been a Jedox Partner since 2010. Over the years Celcus has helped design, build and maintain Jedox applications for intelligence and steering at multinationals like Canon, Royal DSM, Royal BAM Group, Royal VolkerWessels, Allianz Group, Sanofi but also municipalities, universities and hospitals. Celcus offers all Jedox Certified Training to secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of BI and performance management. We lecture at the business informatics faculty of Utrecht University and enable & supervise master thesis research.

Solutions description

Corporate Social Responsibility requires an organization to be able to collect data from various source systems, check data and add data manually throughout the company. Celcus CSR powered by Jedox technology can combine financial data, comments, energy usage/Co2 emmision data, employee satisfaction, safety data or any other data in one central and secured environment through workflow. Based on this data specific calculations can be made in line with external reporting standards. Due to the standard Jedox audit trailing it is easy to perform an audit on the source, additions, calculation rules and adjustments on all CSR data.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

Celcus CSR uses rich data integration capabilities from Jedox and can extract data from any existing internal or external system to make sure additional manual input is limited as much as possible to create the complete picture in all the various CSR reporting area’s.

Key features of the partner solution

  • extract data from any source system
  • validate extracted data
  • add data manually, on any level & through workflow
  • aggregate from project level… to region… to entity… to holding
  • perform calculation rules and visualize results

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Additional information

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This solution was created by our partner Celcus powered by Jedox.



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