About Celcus

Celcus has been a Jedox Partner since 2010. Over the years Celcus has helped design, build and maintain Jedox applications for intelligence and steering at multinationals like Canon, Royal DSM, Royal BAM Group, Royal VolkerWessels, Allianz Group, Sanofi but also municipalities, universities and hospitals. Celcus offers all Jedox Certified Training to secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of BI and performance management. We lecture at the business informatics faculty of Utrecht University and enable & supervise master thesis research.

Solutions description

The highest goal of any university is to increase the quality of education. The success and continuity of any educational organization heavily depends on this. Celcus has created a fully designed, functional and operational solution based on Jedox technology for large educational organizations for their complete planning & control process. Universities need to have insight and drive their organization in three main area’s: students, employees and finance. In addition to this, one can think of risk management, procurement and asset management. The solution covers all these aspects in around 50 application screens with numerous┬áfunctions like drill-down, drill-through, workflow, alerts, manual upload buttons and so forth. Besides traditional BI like reporting, dashboarding and analysis, Celcus Academy powered by Jedox offers performance management screens to plan FTEs, create budgets and share comments on specific quantitative or quality aspects.

Benefits of the partner solution for the customer

As with any pre-build solution it is never a 100% fit to any other organization, in this case in the area of education. However, it can serve as a good example of what is possible. It speeds up the design phase and related architectural issues. This way it lowers the risk of the overall project.

Key features of the partner solution

  • insight and driving of students
  • insight and driving of employees
  • insight and driving of finance
  • insight and driving of operational risks
  • insight and driving of projects, real estate, procurement

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Additional information

Department Finance
Industry Education

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This solution was created by our partner Celcus powered by Jedox.



Jedox empowers us to drill through our data and see exactly where each figure comes from, who entered it, and why.

Marion Seidenst├╝cker, Head of Central Group Controlling, Vivantes

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